Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's All About You!

The other day I was doing 'psychic reiki' or a 'reiki reading', I'm never sure what to call it, and what came out of it was pretty interesting, so doing a blog was a perfect way to clear up a few myths and fairy tales.
As I was talking to this lady, offering her healing, insight and advice, she turned to me saying 'You are a powerful person, you know'.
I told of her none of us is powerful, we are all on the same level. There are no gurus, no 'more than' or 'less than', no more advanced or less advanced.  Do you get the feeling there is a lecture coming...?
I'll repeat that, just so there are no misunderstandings. We are all on the same level, how we choose to live on that level or where we want to be on that level is what defines us. When I say it defines us, it defines us as a person, not as a comparison to anyone else. We all move at the speed and rate we need to, or are comfortable with...although sometimes the universe has a way of giving us a nudge every now and then if we get stuck!  And how we love that....Not!
If, as we choose what we want in life, this gives us a knowledge others feel they don't have, we can all be safe in assuming they have some knowledge we don't.  We aren't meant to be superior or inferior, we are here to help each other, to complement each others gifts and talents, to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is our earthly existence.
Each of us has an inner knowing; some of us can tap into it easily and readily, while others only recognise it when it kicks us up the bum or bitch slaps us. Whichever way you use your inner knowing, be it voluntary, involuntary or dragging you kicking and screaming, it doesn't make you more or less than anyone else. It just makes you YOU!
Don't give your power away to those who believe they are gurus or experts - appearances don't always ring true and sometimes their actions and words can disempower you...if you let them.
If you need an authority on your life, pick you! If you want to know the answers for you, then believe you will find them and you will! By all means ask others for insight, advice and inspiration, but don't believe they know more about you than you do, don't believe they have all the answers or that you are not on the same level as them.
As I said to this lady at the end of her sesssion.  None of us is perfect, we are all 'stuffed up' to some degree, no matter how much we have experienced or 'know'.  Some people are just better at hiding it than others.
When I do a reading for someone who asks a question like 'Should I leave my town...' I tell them I don't do those kind of readings, but what comes through will generally help you realise you knew the answer all along!
Be Strong, Be Powerful. Be YOU!
with love, integrity and inspiration
Cherie xx

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