Friday, 29 November 2013

On The Warpath

I should warn you that this picture doesn't do my mood justice...
Just recently I have been hearing stories about people who have been ripped off by psychics, even some of them asking for ridiculous amounts of money, or they will lose contact with their loved ones in Spirit.
I have also heard stories (and been one of the people who experienced this in my early grief days) about terrible things being said to those wanting to hear from their loved ones.
I get really angry when I hear that these psychics are charging ridiculous amounts of money for their 'messages', and because we live in a world where we believe that the more we pay, the better the message will be, or the more powerful the psychic. I just want to say, and I know Brian (my guide) will back me up here...What a crock of shit!
The reason why some people will charge more is because they have huge egos, they believe they are powerful and the best reason of all, they know they can make a killing out of the customer who is on a grieving expedition.
Sure, in any type of work, we all deserve to be paid a reasonable sum of money for our services and our time. That is only fair, but really, is $300.00 for an hours work, what your loved one expects or wants you to pay to 'connect'?
I am not dissing anyone for what they do or how much they charge. I accept that some people will charge more and if thats what their clients want, then fine and good. But, I do get angry beyond belief, when I hear that that their customers are told that unless they pay lots more, they will lose contact with their loved ones in Spirit.
We are all born psychic, we all have the gift, even if most of us don't believe we do. Even a child can (and will) connect with our loved ones to tell us what they want us to know. We don't have to be all powerful, we don't even have to look any different or stand out in the crowd. Those that can connect are everywhere and anywhere we look.
AND.....but wait there's more!
Our loved ones in Spirit have no hidden agenda. They hold no grudges. They don't seek to hurt or harm us in any way...not even a teeny tiny bit. They might give us a heads up about something that is coming e.g. remember to be careful with your purse, so we can, hopefully, avoid losing it. BUT, they will NEVER NEVER EVER tell us bad shit! They will not give us really bad news. They will not tell us someone is going to die. They will not tell us if someone is cheating on us. They will not tell us how we upset them while they were alive.
They have absolutely no need to do any of that crap! (sorry, I am still angry...)
Where they are it is love. Love is the question. Love is the answer and there is nothing else.
They know the whats, whys, whos and any other answers that they didn't have while they were on this physical plane. They know why things happened the way they did. They know all the answers, while we are still struggling with the questions. They can't tell us all the answers, because that is part of our life journey and life purpose. Why would they cheat us out of a full and wonderful physical experience?
So, if you feel like you are being charged too much, the chances you are!
If you feel the messages you are receiving aren't for your highest good, then its time to find a new psychic, or just walk away from the one you have.
Don't be pressured, guilted or blackmailed into handing over all of your money. You just know that your loved one would not want to be a part of that, now would they?, doesn't that make you ponder the question: 'Well, who is it that they are talking to?!' Trust in your intuition, instinct or gut.
with love, respect and integrity, but no more rage!
Cherie xx

Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's All About You!

The other day I was doing 'psychic reiki' or a 'reiki reading', I'm never sure what to call it, and what came out of it was pretty interesting, so doing a blog was a perfect way to clear up a few myths and fairy tales.
As I was talking to this lady, offering her healing, insight and advice, she turned to me saying 'You are a powerful person, you know'.
I told of her none of us is powerful, we are all on the same level. There are no gurus, no 'more than' or 'less than', no more advanced or less advanced.  Do you get the feeling there is a lecture coming...?
I'll repeat that, just so there are no misunderstandings. We are all on the same level, how we choose to live on that level or where we want to be on that level is what defines us. When I say it defines us, it defines us as a person, not as a comparison to anyone else. We all move at the speed and rate we need to, or are comfortable with...although sometimes the universe has a way of giving us a nudge every now and then if we get stuck!  And how we love that....Not!
If, as we choose what we want in life, this gives us a knowledge others feel they don't have, we can all be safe in assuming they have some knowledge we don't.  We aren't meant to be superior or inferior, we are here to help each other, to complement each others gifts and talents, to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is our earthly existence.
Each of us has an inner knowing; some of us can tap into it easily and readily, while others only recognise it when it kicks us up the bum or bitch slaps us. Whichever way you use your inner knowing, be it voluntary, involuntary or dragging you kicking and screaming, it doesn't make you more or less than anyone else. It just makes you YOU!
Don't give your power away to those who believe they are gurus or experts - appearances don't always ring true and sometimes their actions and words can disempower you...if you let them.
If you need an authority on your life, pick you! If you want to know the answers for you, then believe you will find them and you will! By all means ask others for insight, advice and inspiration, but don't believe they know more about you than you do, don't believe they have all the answers or that you are not on the same level as them.
As I said to this lady at the end of her sesssion.  None of us is perfect, we are all 'stuffed up' to some degree, no matter how much we have experienced or 'know'.  Some people are just better at hiding it than others.
When I do a reading for someone who asks a question like 'Should I leave my town...' I tell them I don't do those kind of readings, but what comes through will generally help you realise you knew the answer all along!
Be Strong, Be Powerful. Be YOU!
with love, integrity and inspiration
Cherie xx

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Inspiration Comes In Many Packages

This morning as I was travelling on the bus, a woman captured my attention. There are some who would say she was heavily tattooed, but the designs were so intricate and beautifully coloured, I would hesitate to use that comment. The first thing that struck me as she stepped on the bus was her straight black hair with a fringe of stunning red. It looked amazing! She sat on the seat in front of me.
I couldn't help but admire the fine detail of the tattoo on the back of her neck. I could see there was writing there, but she was wearing a collar so I couldn't quite see what it said.
Curiosity got the better of me and I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she would mind telling me what it said. When she turned to me, I could see many piercings on her face, but they were so delicate looking, they didn't portray arrogance, anger or any of those other emotions people get piercings for. She told me it said 'Forever Me'.
I sat and pondered on that for a while and tapped her on the shoulder again. 'Would you mind telling me why you chose to have that particular phrase on your neck? Is it because you have had bad experiences in your life and found you can't rely on anyone?'
She gave me a beautiful smile and said 'No, all my life family and friends have asked me when I'll change, insisting this is just a phase I am going through. I tell them this is who I am.  My tattoo is about being forever me, being true to who I am and not conforming to what is expected of me.'
What an inspiration to us all! How often have we all wanted to do something out of the ordinary and taken on board other people's belief systems or worried about the response friends and family will have? How many of us have forgotten how to be true to ourselves, because society's laws expect us to behave in a certain way at a certain age? When I turned 35 I was told it was time to cut my hair short, because women over that age didn't 'look good' with long hair. Good enough reason to grow my hair, I thought.
So today's question is: Are you being true to yourself, or are you merely a shadow of you - someone elses perception of who you are? Or are you like that inspirational woman I met on the bus and being who you are, wherever you are? (and yes I know that's more than one question!)
Sometimes we need to look deep inside to discover if the reason why we don't feel as 'divine' and 'perfect' as we are. Is it the situation we are in? Is it the people we hang around with? Or is it just because we are stifling our true selves because we are 'being' what is expected of us?
Is it time for you to 'Be'
With Love, Respect & Integrity
Cherie xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Moving Through Fear

Today I was talking to someone about a decision they were struggling with. They were in love with someone, but that person was moving to another state and they weren't sure whether they should go along. This person did lots of logical analysis telling me all the reasons it wouldn't work and perhaps they should just stay put, and...see what developed....This is how our conversation went:
Me: So if you don't go, will you regret it?
Them: Well, yes. But what if it doesn't work out?
Me: What is the absolute worst thing that could happen?
Them: I could end up in a strange place with no friends.
Me: So have you made friends where you live now? What is the difference between making friends here or there?
Them: Hmm, well I have a family member I need to be around. I can't let them down.
Me: If that family member had a chance to do what you are doing, would they stay there for you, so they wouldn't let you down? ...just asking... I love asking the 'hard' questions!
Them: Well, I guess I needed someone to ask me probing questions, to help me get things in perspective.
Me: Life is full of opportunities. Some work. Some don't. There are no guarantees in life. So, ask yourself: 'In 20 years time, will I be living in regret or will I be happy with the choices I've made.' You are young. Even if you are stuck there for a year or four, it's only a small dent in your life span...and think of the wonderful experiences you can have there that you can't have right where you are now!
This was followed by a huge explanation of how the current plans this person had might not be compatible with the move, for a variety of reasons...and then they mentioned the 's' word....
Me: Are you trying to convince me or you?
Them: Me.... I'm 'scared' it might not work out. I need to stop thinking and let whatever happens happens.
Me: Yes, you are over-thinking, trying to be logical and rationalise and analyse. Just 'be'!
Them: And if it's meant to be, it will be!
Okay, so this wasn't quite what I had meant, so I decided to try my favourite ploy for helping people to recognise what they really want to do, but they are so busy focusing on what could go wrong, they can't 'hear' it.
Me: Okay, so think of the very worst thing that has ever happened to you. Where do you feel it? What does it feel like?
Them: My Heart? Like something's consuming it.. Like being breathless?
Me: Now think of the best thing. How does it feel and where?
Them: My heart and my tummy. Like everything is floating.
Me: Now think of the person you love. Which feeling do you get?
Them: The second one, because they are one of the best things that's happened to me!
I won't mention that I jokingly suggested meeting me was probably THE best thing in their life!
Me: Okay, so now think about moving.
Them: It scares me...instead of butterflies, it feels like rocks in my belly.
Me: Now think about staying right here.
Them: I don't know, I suppose I feel neutral...flat.
Me: Now think about not ever 'hooking up' with them again.
Them: Sad.
Me: Where?
Them: My heart.
Me: Now think about being with them/married.
Them: Butterflies and happiness..
Me: Where?
Them: My heart and my tummy again.
Me: So, can you see the pattern here? Your body will never lie to you. The bad and the good feelings are your true barometer. All else is fear. Fear isn't real. It's something we create so we don't have to leave our comfort zone.
Me: Gotcha!
This person came up with a viable solution that would enable them to test the waters and re-organise their life to incorporate this big change. As they told me their new 'plan', I couldn't help thinking: 'This person has gone from a place of fear and indecision to talking like someone without regrets! How awesome is that?!

How often do we feel the fear and believe doing nothing is what we really want to do? How often do we listen to the rocks in our stomach instead of the butterflies in our heart?
When we align with our emotions/true feelings, we are able to work out what we are creating with fear, and what is our true course.

Remember fear is what we create to avoid stepping out of our comfort isn't is our imagination taking flight. Lets bring it back down to earth, so we can realise our truth and our desired path.

with love, respect and integrity
Cherie xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Look Beyond the Rocks....

Is there anyone else out there who plans to go to the beach to retreat, reconnect, to find solace within the ebb and flow of the waves, only to discover the bluddy tide is out?!
Even if I was so inclined, which I'm not, I couldn't even throw myself off the longest pier because I'd only end up on my arse - which is pretty much the norm for me at the moment!  I suppose I could have jumped into the mud and prayed for quicksand....
As I sat there, looking at the landscape, I couldn't help but feeling the mud and rocks symbolised my life right at that moment. Everything felt murky and full of obstacles..  I tossed up whether to go back to the comfort of home where I could hide from the biting cold, or remain seated on a stone cold (ha ha) rock, which was probably giving me 'monkey piles' like my Mum warned me about whenever I sat on cold concrete.....A part of me felt I needed to sit there until I could see past the dark and dismal to the tranquil beauty in the distance.
As I sat there on the pile of rocks lying haphazardly around me, I noticed they were kinda smooth after years of being pummeled
If I was to equate that to me, I would say, yes, life has shaped me, taken my rough edges off - not without sacrifice or pain, I'm sure! So, within that context, if I was to consider this pile of different shaped rocks around me, I could think of them as my talents, skills and abilities. There are small ones, strange looking ones, big 'in your face' ones, just like my talents or skills. The fact they are all heaped in a big messy pile is relevant too (and yes, I do realise this is a man-made is mine - well, woman-made! LOL)
Like the rocks stacked here, I am struggling to work out which dream I should be following, which ones inspire and lift me.
All too often as we accumulate skills and talents, but we don't see them as amazing abilities. We take them for granted, or lack the confidence to feel proud of our achievements. It's only when someone points out how awesome it is, that we take a step back and notice how incredible we are.
This happened to me this morning when I spoke to a good friend and set me to thinking about what I want to do in my life. I know I love my writing, I love helping others with psychic readings and healing through reiki and massage, but is this where my passion is, my fire? I already know the answer, these are my passion, they light the fire in my soul, so why am I doing all this other 'stuff'? Its time to cull the ones that don't serve my purpose or help me to be all that I can be.
Back to my seaside musing...
In front of me the rocks thin out and scatter, reducing in size. To me, these represent the obstacles we encounter on our way to personal greatness. By the way, personal greatness isn't measured by wealth, possessions or a great relationship, unless of course its loving ourselves wholly and unconditionally. It's about being all you are meant to be. These rocks are the big incidents in our life, the ones that create change whether we want it or not.
The small rocks gradually give away to rubble and eventually muddy looking sand. These are the day to day tribulations or 'hiccups', like missing a bus or a green light, spilling sugar as we put it in our coffee mug or running out of our favourite biscuits. Apart from those ones that disrupt our life and change our day or life irrevocably, we barely register the impact these muddy parts have.
Just past that murky patch, the sand is is gleaming in the sun (I have to use a little imagination here, as the sun is behind a cloud and I can't quite see the colour of the sand from here, but I 'know' this to be true).
The sea laps at the sand invitingly, encouraging me to look past all the boulders, rocks, stones, rubble and dirty sand to begin a journey of discovery, full of light and opportunity, to me, to my personal greatness....if only I take that first step.
I can't take all these rocks with me, or I'll need scuba gear. However, if I take those ones that matter most to me, the ones that light a fire in my belly. I can probably take some and still keep my head above water. Who knows? Once I have put faith in my 'rocks', they just might float to the surface or even better yet, they may float higher and carry me to where I truly want to be.
It's all about faith, faith in our choices, our abilities, what and who we love and most importantly faith in OURSELVES!
Love and Respect
Cherie x (23/08/11)

PS. In the distance I can see someone sitting at the end of another pier. I wonder if they are seeing the beauty around them, or like me, do they have to 'look past' the rocks to get there?
Life is beautiful if we just take the time to sit still and 'be' to notice.
by the sea.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

'Owning' Me...

There comes a time when we admit there is more to us than we let others see. For me, setting up an anonymous website so I could do readings without anyone knowing it was me, meant I could do what I love without censorship. The problem is that by doing this I was only allowing others to see pieces of me while keeping a lot of myself hidden away. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have finally come to conclusion it is time to not just speak my truth, but to be my truth.
This is about allowing myself to shine, without feeling I should keep myself hidden or acceptable in the eyes of some..
In life everyone has a perception of who or what they believe others to be. All too often we drift along with their tide, allowing them now and then to see glimpses of our true self, but mostly we play the role that they have created for us.
I'm not blaming anyone else for my hidden self, in my own movie I was portrayed as someone who 'fit in' with others. My perception of how I should be was behind all this. After all, I had written a serious book, who would take it seriously if they knew about my 'other talents'? And really speaking, its all poppycock! (love that word!) I am who I am and people will always believe whatever they want, so how about I spend some time believing in me?!
...and so today I am opening up to my true self, to my awesomeness and allowing everyone to know more about the real me, the me who is itching to get out and be a part of my life.
I encourage everyone to open up even a portion of themselves no one is aware of and allow them to see how amazing you really are...we don't have to 'dumb down' or smother our real persona to get on in this world. We were born amazing, perfect and divine, and you know what? We will remain that way until the day we die...and maybe not even then.....
Love & respect
Cherie xx
(angelic blog - 15/08/2011)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Responsibility for All

With knowledge comes responsibility. As a psychic, it is vital the messages I deliver are given with integrity and love. At no stage is an angelic message designed to make you feel you can't trust your instincts or believe you don't have the ability to alter your destiny. A reading is not about making you feel less than you are. Contact from the other side is not dictatorial, nothing is set in stone. 
Generally speaking these messages are like points of interest on a road map, allowing us to find the way to our own personal greatness.  We each have freedom of choice. We can choose to take on board the information from a reading or ignore it completely.  It is important to realise if what we are being told doesn't feel like our truth, then the chances are it probably isn't.  This doesn't include the stuff we know is true but we don't want to hear it, by the way.
There is also a fine line between asking questions of spirit and being dependent on it. Spirit is happy to help us with pointers along the way, but do you really think they want to be asked if you will get a prime parking spot during rush hour? (that's a job for the parking angels!) Its not that these questioned are considered trivial to spirit, they want us to trust in our own judgement and actually living our life as if you own it!
What would life be like if we knew every second of every day what was going to happen? Bloody boring, if you ask me! Doesn't there have to be an element of unknown in our lives to keep the thrill of existing alive?
And really, if you know you didn't put in a good enough effort at work today, you don't need a psychic hotline to tell you how your boss will react when he finds out, do you?
Its not just about psychics being responsible with our readings, its also about you being responsible for your life as well. Trust in you. Trust in your ability to know the answers. Trust that you are in charge of your life and all you do in it.
Psychic readings are great when life sucks, you feel stuck, lost or need guidance, but please remember thats what it really is, just guidance.
Which brings me to my next point. Anything can change. So if you get a reading telling you that something will happen and it doesn't, its time to look at what you did or didn't do to make that come about. Anyway are you do you know without a doubt that by missing that opportunity a better one won't be waiting to come along? It may just take a bit longer for it to happen. Don't live by a reading or feel your life is shaped around it, your life is shaped by you.
If you think that by not taking hold of an opportunity someone else gets it, well thats incorrect too. No one can 'steal' your opportunities, everyone has their own blessings in life. When one receives another doesn't go without. The universe is unlimited, there is enough for everyone.
love & respect
Angelic Attitude (