Friday, 12 July 2013

Responsibility for All

With knowledge comes responsibility. As a psychic, it is vital the messages I deliver are given with integrity and love. At no stage is an angelic message designed to make you feel you can't trust your instincts or believe you don't have the ability to alter your destiny. A reading is not about making you feel less than you are. Contact from the other side is not dictatorial, nothing is set in stone. 
Generally speaking these messages are like points of interest on a road map, allowing us to find the way to our own personal greatness.  We each have freedom of choice. We can choose to take on board the information from a reading or ignore it completely.  It is important to realise if what we are being told doesn't feel like our truth, then the chances are it probably isn't.  This doesn't include the stuff we know is true but we don't want to hear it, by the way.
There is also a fine line between asking questions of spirit and being dependent on it. Spirit is happy to help us with pointers along the way, but do you really think they want to be asked if you will get a prime parking spot during rush hour? (that's a job for the parking angels!) Its not that these questioned are considered trivial to spirit, they want us to trust in our own judgement and actually living our life as if you own it!
What would life be like if we knew every second of every day what was going to happen? Bloody boring, if you ask me! Doesn't there have to be an element of unknown in our lives to keep the thrill of existing alive?
And really, if you know you didn't put in a good enough effort at work today, you don't need a psychic hotline to tell you how your boss will react when he finds out, do you?
Its not just about psychics being responsible with our readings, its also about you being responsible for your life as well. Trust in you. Trust in your ability to know the answers. Trust that you are in charge of your life and all you do in it.
Psychic readings are great when life sucks, you feel stuck, lost or need guidance, but please remember thats what it really is, just guidance.
Which brings me to my next point. Anything can change. So if you get a reading telling you that something will happen and it doesn't, its time to look at what you did or didn't do to make that come about. Anyway are you do you know without a doubt that by missing that opportunity a better one won't be waiting to come along? It may just take a bit longer for it to happen. Don't live by a reading or feel your life is shaped around it, your life is shaped by you.
If you think that by not taking hold of an opportunity someone else gets it, well thats incorrect too. No one can 'steal' your opportunities, everyone has their own blessings in life. When one receives another doesn't go without. The universe is unlimited, there is enough for everyone.
love & respect
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