Sunday, 14 July 2013

'Owning' Me...

There comes a time when we admit there is more to us than we let others see. For me, setting up an anonymous website so I could do readings without anyone knowing it was me, meant I could do what I love without censorship. The problem is that by doing this I was only allowing others to see pieces of me while keeping a lot of myself hidden away. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have finally come to conclusion it is time to not just speak my truth, but to be my truth.
This is about allowing myself to shine, without feeling I should keep myself hidden or acceptable in the eyes of some..
In life everyone has a perception of who or what they believe others to be. All too often we drift along with their tide, allowing them now and then to see glimpses of our true self, but mostly we play the role that they have created for us.
I'm not blaming anyone else for my hidden self, in my own movie I was portrayed as someone who 'fit in' with others. My perception of how I should be was behind all this. After all, I had written a serious book, who would take it seriously if they knew about my 'other talents'? And really speaking, its all poppycock! (love that word!) I am who I am and people will always believe whatever they want, so how about I spend some time believing in me?!
...and so today I am opening up to my true self, to my awesomeness and allowing everyone to know more about the real me, the me who is itching to get out and be a part of my life.
I encourage everyone to open up even a portion of themselves no one is aware of and allow them to see how amazing you really are...we don't have to 'dumb down' or smother our real persona to get on in this world. We were born amazing, perfect and divine, and you know what? We will remain that way until the day we die...and maybe not even then.....
Love & respect
Cherie xx
(angelic blog - 15/08/2011)

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